Insurance Approved SR Rated Shutters Secure your Business With Confidence

If you’re concerned about the security of your business premises, then you should consider insurance-approved SR-rated shutters.

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Insurance Approved SR Rated Shutters

Here at SAA Industrial & Garage Door Specialists, we supply a range of SR-rated shutters that are sure to provide an effective defence against trespassers, vandals and attempted break-ins.The SR rating is a classification system that evaluates the level of security provided by the shutter. Most insurance-approved SR-rated shutters typically have a rating ranging from SR1 to SR4, with SR4 being the highest level of protection.

These types of shutters are ideal for properties that are deemed to be of particularly high risk; in fact, your insurance company may even consider them an essential condition of coverage.

All the SR shutters that we provide have been approved by BRE Global, an independent regulatory body, so you can rest assured that SAA is providing you with the highest level of service. Having SR-rated shutters installed by SAA could even reduce your insurance premiums, resulting in long-term financial gain.

Our insurance approved SR-rated shutters are constructed using robust aluminium or galvanised steel and also feature reinforced components and locking mechanisms. Each type of shutter is designed to withstand various tools and attack methods, ensuring your property, and its contents, are kept secure.

If you’re looking to install insurance-approved SR shutters at your business in Brentwood, Waltham Abbey, Essex, London and the home counties, get in touch with the experts at SAA today.

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