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What Are The Benefits of Fire Shutters?
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Keeping employees, customers and property safe is a priority for every business, and fire shutters are a great way of doing this. 

Operating in a similar manner to regular, domestic shutters or doors, if a fire does occur on your property it’s important to contain it as quickly as possible. When a fire is detected, fire shutters can automatically activate, coming down and keeping the fire in one place. Preventing the spread of fire means that everyone on your premises can evacuate safely, giving you time to contact the fire brigade.              

The benefits of fire shutters are extensive, below are some of the main ways they can safeguard your business.     

Keep People Safe

Undoubtedly the main benefit of fire shutters is how they can protect human life. Whether that’s your employees or customers, often fire shutters may detect the presence of fire before anyone has even realised. 

By cutting off a fire and keeping it in one part of the building, fumes and flames are unable to progress, meaning people have more time to get out. As well as this, the likelihood of them coming into contact with the blaze is decreased as are the risks of injury, smoke inhalation and even death.

Protect your Property 

While secondary to human life but still incredibly important, fire shutters can protect your property, too. By compartmentalising your building to keep a fire contained, it means other parts of the property should be kept safer for longer. As well as actual rooms, this will include equipment, furniture and even personal belongings.     

Without fire shutters, a building can quickly become engulfed and the losses can be truly catastrophic. Fire shutters mitigate this risk and, while it doesn’t completely stop damage from being caused, it significantly lessens the chances of complete destruction.                               

Enhance Security 

Not only do fire shutters improve your property’s fire safety, but they can enhance a building’s overall security, too. 

By using the strongest materials during the manufacturing process, fire shutters can double up as security shutters and act as a deterrent to thieves. When fully shut, they are incredibly difficult to penetrate, meaning you can rest assured that any belongings, stock or expensive equipment are well protected. As well as preventing undesirables from accessing your building in the first place, you can also include these shutters throughout the premises, meaning that in the unlikely event someone does get in, they’ll be confronted with more blockades within the property.    

It’s also worthwhile combining your fire shutters with other security measures such as CCTV cameras and alarm systems. This will provide your property with an all-encompassing security offering, protecting it from all manner of threats.  

Our Fire Shutter Service 

At Secure Automatic Access, we offer a comprehensive fire shutter installation service to industrial, commercial and domestic customers in London, Wickford, Hornchurch, Brentwood, and across the home counties. All of the fire shutters that Secure Automatic Access provide are tailor-made to the specific requirements of your property, making them ideal for your needs. 

You’ll be able to choose from a whole host of fire shutters, with fire resistance ranges from 30 minutes to up to four hours. 

For more information on our fire shutter installation service, contact our team today.  


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