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What Are Roller Shutters?
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From high street shops to industrial factories, roller shutters are commonplace on a wide range of premises across the UK. 

For over 20 years, the team at Secure Automatic Access has supplied and installed businesses across London, Essex and the surrounding areas with high-quality roller shutters. Working in regions including Wickford, Brentwood and Hornchurch, our team has roller shutters ideal for properties of all shapes and sizes.

How do roller shutters work?

The chances are you’ve seen roller shutters many times in your day-to-day life without really giving them much thought. Usually made from a single layer of metal (normally galvanised steel or aluminium), roller shutters operate on a vertical rolling door system. The door’s slats move up and down through tracks and when completely opened fit neatly in a box on the ceiling. 

When closed, the bottom of the door is placed firmly against the ground – enhancing security by not allowing any gaps to be exploited. Often, they’ll also include a rubber seal that can keep rainwater away from your garage.  

Benefits of roller shutters 

Now you know how roller shutters work, let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

    • Versatility – Whether it’s your home or business, roller shutters are a great choice for both domestic and commercial settings. Their sleek and understated style comes in a wide range of colours, designs and styles – meaning there is something to match every aesthetic.      
  • Security – One of the main reasons people opt for roller shutters is due to the additional security they can provide a property. The use of durable materials means that thieves are less likely to even attempt to break into your property, and if they do they won’t get very far. As well as keeping you secure from unwanted visitors, roller shutters can help against the elements too, able to cope with the harsh conditions the UK can sometimes bring.
  • Insulation – A great feature of roller shutters is that they offer fantastic levels of insulation. Insulated roller shutters feature rubber seals at the base and around the door’s edges – excluding draughts, retaining heat and even stopping noise pollution. And, most importantly, this can save you money on your energy bills.  

Roller shutter maintenance 

All types of machinery require regular maintenance and roller shutters are no different. According to Regulation 5 of the Workplace (Health and Safety Welfare) Regulations 1992, all powered doors such as roller shutters must be checked on a regular basis. This inspection will include testing, lubrication, cleaning and repairs if they’re needed. 

At Secure Automatic Access, we provide our customers with a dedicated repairs and servicing offering, and as well as visiting your property each year to perform the necessary inspections, we are on hand 24 hours a day should any faults or damage occur.

Operating across Wickford, Brentwood and Hornchurch, the Secure Automatic Access team is on hand to provide your property with a high quality roller shutter installation service that is sure to give your property a boost. Whether you require the installation of new roller shutters or are looking for roller shutter maintenance, get in touch today.


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